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With its intricate design inspired by astrological symbolism, these prints take you on a magical journey into the depths of the universe. The alluring jumble of elements, shimmers and glistens against the darker backdrop, are oozing mysterious mysticism and beauty. The print is small and detailed, with layers upon layers to discover within. Suitable for both fashion and home decor, this captivating design is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of magic to their life. Available in many attractive colours

Available in many different colourways on fabric, wallpaper and ready--made products. Additional colour ways and different combinations available on request

Astro Adventures- 100s of fabrics from silk to leather

  • The print is avaialble on 100s of fabrics including cottons, silks, velvet, leather, polyesters , lycra to name a few

    The print is avaialble on a range of custom printed wallpapers, pasted and peel and stick

    The print is available on a range of accesories, including bedding, homeware, custom printed luggage, scarves, umbrellas and many others

    The print is avaiable in many colourways and differnt scales

    Please enquire for wholesale orders  and custom product ranges

  • This is a custom printed product available for wholesale orders only

    Please enquire in writing

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